Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!! Today was a busy day. The Easter bunny came first thing and delivered Easter baskets and hid eggs. Emma loved her basket...and Nathan's. We went down to Ennis to see Gary's family, then over to Jen's house for Shealy Easter. Jen did a great job and everything wa so yummy! It was so busy, we didn't get many pictures....and those we did try to take Emma and Nathan were too busy to sit still! :-)

Easter Saturday

Today was a special day!! Jenn's boyfriend, Tad, was baptized and joined the church today! Yea Tad! Emma and I also made a bunny cake for tomorrow. The Minors came over for dinner before going to the Easter Vigil. It was a fun day!

Coloring Easter Eggs

Emma's first Easter Egg coloring. She concentrated very hard and made some beautiful eggs!! She was very particular about what colors she put on each egg.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nathan's Baptism

Happy Day! Nathan was baptized March 1 at St. Ann's. He did so great....he didn't cry at all when Deacon Kory poured the water on him. He looked so handsome! Emma kept everyone busy...she found this to be a perfect opportunity to explore the big church. Yep, one long, super-fast sprint all the way up the center aisle, around the front and back down again. I'm just glad it wasn't during mass!! Everyone came back to our house for a reception afterwards. It was a great day. We missed Grandma Sunie and G.G. though!! Pictures coming soon.


3.8.08 It finally snowed!! Twice in one week! Emma was so excited. Her favorite thing to do was eat the snow!! She also loved throwing the snowballs at Daddy and up in the air. Nathan was so fascinated. He kept looking up at the sky. We did get to build a snowman...he had toppled over by the next day. We'll try again next year!