Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter of My Most Content

4 days. 4 days of ice, snow, and cold, cold, cold. "Where is the sun?" asks my husband. "Another bitter day! " says the weather man. "I'm ready for some warmer weather," EVERYONE says!

Not me. Not me, the-loves-the -sun-outdoors-girl. I have loved every single minute of being housebound. At I sit here and watch the last flurries of snow fall from the sky, while the drips simultaneously melt from the rooftop, I hope for another blue norther to come through. It makes me sad to think of having to go back to our busy routine. And I don't know why!!

It could be the bottom-less pot of hot chocolate we've had going on the stove. It could be that Gary's work has been closed so he's been home to play with us. It could be the indoor obstacle courses, popcorn afternoons, movie nights and trying to teach the kids to play charades.
I have had so much fun just playing.

It could be that I've also had extra time to get things picked up and done around the house. Or the fact that I've taken a nap pretty much every afternoon. That could definately be it!!

But I think it something else. Not more than that....because nothing could be more than that. Just the feeling that comes from doing those things. The feeling that time has stopped. The feeling that I've been given an opportunity to just be without feeling having to go somewhere, or feeling like I should go somewhere. No one has complained of being bored. No one has asked to go anywhere else. I know this won't be so in a few years. I know next year, when we have a 4 month old in February, will be completely different too. I am just so thankful for this time to be together, for this time to do nothing together. We are all healthy, we are all happy, and I know this is a time to not take for granted.