Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Emma and Nathan are so blessed to have two loving Grandpa's!

PePa, Nathan, Emma, and Gary

Sweet Macee, Madi, and Amber with a confused Nathan and busy Emma

Nathan LOVES Papa!!

Dad showing off his present from G.G.

More pics from Duck Pond Park

Emma and Nathan playing on the slide.

Nathan playing Peek-a-boo!


This spring G.G. (Great-Grandma aka Gloria the Great), was kind enough to give us some tadpoles from her pond. We brought the tadpoles home and put them in a fishbowl. Each day we (I) fed them specially prepared lettuce, every 2 days we (I) changed their water. Emma and Nathan had so much fun playing with them helping care for them. Believe it or not, we (okay...I) only lost one out of about 13...and that's with a few tumbles to the kitchen floor, and several attempts by Nathan to eat one. We actually kept them alive long enough to turn into frogs! It was so cool!! One of God's little miracles right there on our kitchen window.

Emma, Nathan and I letting our little frogs go. We went to Duck Pond park. Hopefully they didn't become duck snacks.

One lone little tad-frog. We actually had one become a full frog. He lost his tail and would sit up on the rocks like he was so proud! However, Climby, as Emma named him...climbed right out of his container on the way to the park. He never made it to the pond. This is his bro. He still has his tail.