Saturday, April 9, 2011

i can't stop....camping #3

Their favorite thing to do, no matter where they are at, is DIG.

Obligatory picture of fossils.

sweet Emma.

More Camping

Saturday night we climbed a little cliff that Emma named "Hilltop Mountain." It was the perfect place to watch the sunset. This was, by far, my favorite event of the weekend.

Sunday morning we went for a hike. It was a beautiful morning. Until this point I was unimpressed with Cleburne State park, this changed my mind. It was a great hike. Not as much wildlife as I was hoping to see, but we did see several caterpillars and a snake, and that was enough for Emma and Nathan. This was my second favorite event.

Really. What can I say about this?

Other than, this right here is my soul purpose for living.

Okay, here is my other reason.


A few of the many (105) dinosaurs we saw on the hike/walk at dinosaur world.


This past weekend, we ventured out to Cleburne State Park and Dinosaur Valley. Emma had just finished a 3 week unit on dinosaurs, so I used this as an excuse to go look for fossils! It was a beautiful weekend and we had a blast. (Unfortunately, I haven't mastered this whole blogging thing yet, so these are not in chronological order.)
Paluxy River Turtle.

We spent one morning at Dinosaur World. Very cool. Daddy and Nathan had a great time gig 'em, I mean diggin' for fossils.

Uncle Keith, the fossil expert, and Nathan resting in the river.