Saturday, May 3, 2008

Emma Sue Turns Two!

4.27.08 Happy "Happy Two" Emma Sue! We were so blessed to have all of our family here to celebrate! We were especially blessed to have Emma's G.G. (aka: Gloria the Greatest-Grandma) and all her grandparents here! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of them...tons of video, but no pictures. (I guess that will be our next project, trying to figure out how to upload video.)

We had "happy cake," tons of presents, and ladybugs! It was a fun day! Thank you for celebrating this special day with us!!

Nathan is Six Months!

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Nathan! At six months, Nathan is becoming a very efficient crawler. He is really getting his technique down. Unlike Emma, he likes to travel in stealth mode....crawling quietly and sneaking up on his targets....or hiding from Mom. His favorite target is the cat! I have also found him down the hall, in the bathroom, and in the utility room! He's so fast! He and Emma are becoming great friends now. She loves to "jump" him in his jumper...he laughs hysterically. He wants to be into whatever she is doing....and eat whatever she is eating!

Big Bath

4.15.08 Today Nathan had his first bath in the BIG bath tub! Emma was there to tell him all about it!
No, the water's not cold! This is great!

This is my favorite toy! Of course I'll share it!

Nathan's First Real Food

3.15.08 Finally! Real Food! Nathan was so happy....and so hungry. He ate every bite and hasn't quit eating since. He is definitely a growing boy. He looks so little in the high chair!

More please!