Monday, February 15, 2010

Authentic Feminist!

So, here is my profound thought for the day.

It's taken me almost 4 years to figure this out..and it is so simple.

I've always been the kind of person who's measured myself on the things that I "accomplished." I have always way overplanned all that I that I have to do in one day.....I have to make the most of each day, you know! Then Emma was born. Seventeen months later Nathan was born. I have now been a Mommy for almost 4 years. My lists now look like this:
1. cut up pineapple
2. find sunglasses

Almost every day I make a list of what I want to get done, and every day, at the end of the day, I look at that list with frustration at how little I've "accomplished.'

That's it. I remember that day that neither of those things got done, and I cried.
So tonight, finally after 4 years of Mommyhood and 40 years of listmaking, I am DONE!
No, not done with lists...I am lost without my list. But I am DONE reading it and the end of everyday and feeling like a failure. I am done comparing myself to other supermoms who can somehow do it all. Every night, instead of my "didn't do" list, I am going to make a DID DO list!
I will list (either in journal, blog, or tell it to Gary or the cat, whoever will listen), everything I DID accomplish.

Here is what I did today!
1. Exercised for 15 minutes
2. Started a load of laundry
3. changed the sheets on the bed and actually made it
4. cleaned up both bathrooms
5. made breakfast
6. did dishes
7. made muffins with the kids
8. invited a friend over for Emma to play with
9. prepared snack
10. did dishes
11. fingerpainted
12. marched in a parade (around our living room)
13. made lunch
14. did dishes
15. read stories
14. ordered free stuff from vista print
16. wrote lesson plans for this week
17. picked up
18. rebooted laundry
19. made snack
20. built an amazing block castle
21. played race cars
22. went for a walk
23. helped Emma ride her bike
24. Prayed with my children
25. did dishes
26. made lunches for tomorrow
27. made lunches for my kids teachers for tomorrow
28. picked up all the toys
29. tucked both my kids in and sang them a song
30. checked the mail
31. taught an aerobics class
32. cleaned out the car

I think that is everything. I rock! I can't believe all that I got done! I think it was a pretty successful day. And now I know why I am so tired...AND why it is way to late for me to be up writing this.

I think if more mommies did this, we would not only be more grateful for our lives, but we'd feel so empowered. We mommies have to stick together on this! The world tells us unless we are "successful", or "accomplish" something, we are useless. Our self-worth is measured only by our productivity. But God has given us such a greater purpose...this vocation of MOTHERHOOD! We need to be proud of what we do each day. Proud that we keep our families clothed and fed, proud that we took the time to play instead of clean, proud that we sacrifice nice clothes and cars so that we can stay at home, and proud that we sacrifice personal goals for those of our family. "Feminists" will tell us that we have to work outside the home in order to be respected. Why is that? They are disputing exactly what they believe in. Why, as woman, can I only get respect doing "man's work!?" That's not to say that some women aren't called to work outside the home (Go Sarah Palin!) , but why can't I get the same respect being a homemaker? As women, we should be respected for doing whatever it is God calls us to do...working outside the home or at home. THAT is authentic feminism

Oh yeah....

33. Blogged. Go me!