Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love and Logic is not Working.....

Dear Body of Mine,

 I realized today you are like a two -year old. Your are selfish and everything has to be all about YOU. You have to have everything YOUR WAY all the time, and you throw a weight-gaining tantrum when you don't. I just don't understand it. I eat healthy (most of the time), I exercise on a regular basis, I don't drink cokes. I drink lots of water. I don't smoke. I live an active lifestyle.  I give you several opporunities each day  to make a good choice, yet you always make the bad choice.
Why won't you compromise. Why must you fight me every single time I take a bite of food. Why do YOU have to do what you want when I do choose to eat a cookie?  Why can't you turn it into energy instead of fat? Why do you have to continue to change and give in to gravity. Why don't you try, just the littlest bit, to look like you did 10 years ago?  Just because you turned 40 doesn't mean you have to have a mid-life crisis.  Forty IS the new 30, you know.
Enough is enough. I am done giving in. Like my mom always told me, we can do this the easy way or the hard way! Do you really want me to have to eat nothing but vegetables and protein?  Do you really like the taste of herbal tea? Wouldn't you rather have chocolate and pasta?  I am pretty flexible.  I am willing to compromise. I give you choices, why can't  you give me a few?   But if celery sticks is what it takes to teach you a lesson, that's what I'll have to do.  But just know it's going to hurt me much more than it hurts you.

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