Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Summer of Firsts!!

This has been a summer of firsts.  The previous post showed you our first fireworks. 

We had our first snow cones. We went to Aunt Stelle's in Oak Cliff. Gary remembered going there as a kid, and it is still open!! I couldn't believe the line!

We've also had our first bowling experience. Club 300 has free bowling for kids every day during the summer. FREE.

We were SO BLESSED to have Macee and Madi come spend the night with us. My nieces are so sweet.  We took Emma and Nathan  to the movie theatre for the first time. We saw Winnie the Pooh. So fun! Nathan ate his entire bag of popcorn AND gummy worms. (bad mommy). 

At the end of the month we will go to the beach for the first time. I can't wait!!

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